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Yamaha YPT260 Portable Keyboard Review

Have you just decided to become a piano instrumentalist? You should look through the Yamaha YPT260 review! This far-famed variant is a top seller that is well worth regarding. But is it appropriatie for you? The review provides everything that you need to be aware.

Before you can begin touching the keys of a new piano, you should look through the Yamaha YPT260 review and attentionally read the breakdown of what to expect from this musical instrument.

Yamaha YPT260 61-Key Portable Keyboard Bundle with Stand, Bench and Power Supply

Keys: 61

Polyphony: 32

Dimensions: 37 x 4 x 12 inches

Weight: 8 pounds

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Yamaha YPT260 Review of Unboxing

Those who want to obtain this keyboard should do it is with Yamaha kit. Amazon has the YPT260 61-Key Portable Keyboard Bundle with Stand, Bench and Power Supply set for 155 dollars. With this kit, you’ll get the Yamaha YPT260 Portable Keyboard, stand, bench, and power supply.

This keyboard has an aux input, so you can connect it to the phone ore computer. Since the keyboard is made for beginners, it has helpful learning features. There are 400 voices, 130 Auto accompaniment, and 112 onboard songs. You can also find other best digital piano for beginners models on our site.

Also, you receive the Yamaha Education Suite with the nine-step lesson function. This feature can help you seriously improve your piano skills.

The record and playback are also key features that you can use to get better each and every time that you play. There’s also a duo mode, which is a great feature if you have a teacher or a learning partner.

The Yamaha YPT260 keyboard provides the possibility to take advantage of nine kinds of reverb effects. You can create your own ambiance to make the exact sound you want. Not only will this create beautiful music, but it will also help you to develop your style.

Yamaha ypt260

As you work through the onboard songs, you will quickly build up your skills. There’s also a phrase recorder where you can store your ideas and songs.

The keyboard weighs only eight pounds, so users can easily carry it where they want. There is an LCD display that makes it easy to read and see what you are doing.

In the end, but no less important, the Yamaha YPT260 keyboard delivered with a plug-in charger. You can also get six AA batteries to unplug your keyboard and hit the road on tour!

Sound Quality

Everyone who hears the sound of Yamaha YPT260 is delighted with its beauty. Of course, it’s a low priced beginner’s pick so it’s not going to sound like a grand piano, but it’ll definitely give you good sounds. While it could benefit from having separate left and right outputs on top of the headphone output, the sound quality is still stellar.

Trying out the Yamaha YPT260


  • The Yamaha YPT260 is easy to use. You can quickly see how to get everything set up and there’s no need to use your computer to get started. As you start experimenting, you will find that there are 384 sounds, 16 drum sound, and a range of sound effect kits. There are simple one-touch options that allow you to create accompaniments. If you really love playing and experimenting, you can go through and adjust each sound yourself. For a beginner’s keyboard, you will definitely find that it has a good level of customization. Some practice helps you to find the audio input feature handy. The more experienced you get, the more helpful it is to be able to just hook up your phone or computer. You can incorporate any sounds you want without messing with another speaker. Many beginners find the phone feature very handy. This is doubly true if you don’t have a lot of space to spread out. Bringing in your computer every time or finding a spot to set a speaker can be frustrating. If you have a small place and are looking for a nice little keyboard that you can squeeze into the corner, the Yamaha YPT260 has some real perks in this department.


  • Yamaha YPT260 is a good quality beginner’s keyboard, it’s not the same as having an acoustic piano. As a more advanced player, it is immediately obvious that the keyboard has been shrunk down. There is no touch sensitivity. This is because the keys are not weighted. This isn’t an issue unique to the Yamaha YPT260. Beginner’s keyboards like this will have more narrow, non-weighted keys. You will also find that it has a limited octave range. In the end, these things are not decisive for beginning musicians. So, if you are looking for a good quality affordable option that is easy to get started with, the Yamaha YPT260 is worth considering.

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