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Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano Review

Yamaha is famous for its P-Series which is ideal for beginners. Yamaha P125 is an enhancement of its precursor P-115. The P-125 is a potent 88-key digital piano, which has a weight of 11.8kg. It’s compacted and lightweight construction permits you to easily get about with it so you can take advantage of it for both home utilize and outdoor gigs.

The size is a great benefit especially if you’re looking for a piano that doesn’t take up too much space.

The P-125 is not bulky and so you won’t have to get inconvenienced. The piano has a great plastic build quality which is synonymous with Yamaha pianos. The minimalist design is elevated further with an elegantly designed front panel that draws inspiration from Yamaha CFX Concert Grand. Yamaha P125 is available in black and white colors.

Yamaha P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano with Power Supply and Sustain Pedal, Black

Keys: 88, Weighted

Polyphony: 192

Dimensions: 52 x 6.5 x 11.6 inches

Weight: 26 pounds

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  • Yamaha P125 has small weight and compact dimensions as well as simple navigation which is comfortable, especially for new users. Features and controls have been well arranged so you won’t have to undergo stress. User especially those who’ve interacted with P-45 and P-115 series have nothing to worry about. As a beginner piano, everything has been well-thought-out. Even though this piano doesn’t come with an LCD screen, you can still comfortably use piano functions. The Master Volume button is strategically located on the top left corner of the piano allowing you to easily adjust the volume of the piano according to your needs. Yamaha P125 comes with a redesigned speaker system with 2 speakers on each side and 12 cm full-range speakers guaranteeing high-quality crystal clear frequencies. The location of the speakers allows sound to come out in all directions which envelops the entire piano. There are new cool features associated with Yamaha P125 meant to boost the sound quality. There is an IAC (Intelligence Acoustic Control) feature from Yamaha whose function is to automatically adjust the frequency response to have a better balance enabling both high and low register notes to be audible enough even when played at low volumes.


  • Unfortunately, Yamaha P125 just analogous other Yamaha P-Series doesn’t supply an LCD screen to assist you with navigation, this fact can be upsetting especially if you’re accustomed to pianos with LCD screens.
  • Yamaha P125 has almost the same features as its predecessor P-115. However, Yamaha has an additional 6 new rhythm patterns and doesn’t have the Pianist Style function.


Also, users of Yamaha P-125 obtain 3 additional modes which are typical digital pianos. A Dual Mode allows you to conveniently layer 2 different sounds to have a rich atmospheric sound that consists of 2 sounds playing together at the same time. This is an awesome feature as it’s ideal for use in a piano tutoring session as a teacher and student can sit side by side and play the same notes simultaneously.

Music Library

You can use a great music library with a range of popular preset pieces of Beethoven, Bach, Debussy and other. Even though some of the songs were already in the P-115, more have been added. There are also in-built songs which are excellent for practice sessions.

Recording and Playback

In case you want to produce your own music or want to appreciate your performance, the P-125 allows you to record your work in MIDI format which can then be transported onto your personal computer. For every song, you can record two separate tracks which can be combined and played as a single song.

Rhythm Section

Yamaha P-125 delivered with 20 built-in accompaniments that embrace a wide diapason of musical styles. Every rhythm has a drum and bass part that accompany your playing in real-time.

Other Features

Using the onboard metronome you can improve your rhythm and time-keeping abilities. You can easily adjust the tempo, beat and metronome volume. The keyboard has a Transpose which is a vital function that enables you to shift the pitch of a keyboard.

You can use this feature to play a song in a different pitch without shifting your hand’s position. Yamaha P-125 has a tuning function that enables you to match the pitch of another instrument or CD recording.


Yamaha P-125 is one of the best digital pianos for beginner musicians. Even though most of the features are similar to its predecessor Yamaha P-115, there are some great improvements on the P-125 series. Overall, this digital piano is a great investment.

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