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Yamaha NP31 Ultra-Portable Digital Piano Review

The Yamaha NP31 is a high-quality, acceptable electronic keyboard that makes a gorgeous instrument for novice musicians or traveling instrumentalists. At 19.2 weights, the keyboard is much light enough to take anywhere with comfort whereas still having a 76-key Graded Soft Touch (GST) keyboard that supplies a key action. It is far more realistic then what you receive taking advantage of most portable keyboards. This Yamaha NP31 review will give an opportunity to take a look at the various details and characteristics of the NP31 and define what type of musician this piano would be appropriate.

Yamaha NP31 Digital Piano - Black

Keys: 76

Polyphony: 32

Dimensions: 51 x 11 x 22 inches

Weight: 19.3 pounds

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  • The two basic qualities people often seek out in a secondary piano to take with them on the go are availability and portability just such qualities Yamaha NP31 provides. Yamaha’s GST keyboard is nice and responsive, and the NP31 sounds excellent, benefiting from the company’s cutting-edge innovations in sound sampling technology. To top it all off, the NP31 has plenty of useful features, settings, and modes that are suited for musicians of all levels. This includes features that allow you to experiment and create your own sound if you are an advanced pianist or ones to help you learn if you are a beginner.


  • Whereas realistic for an inexpensive, transportable keyboard, the GST keyboard is a little easily-weight for some pianists and surely not an accurate replicate of what you would sense if you were playing an upright acoustic. The NP31 does come with onboard speakers, but these are not especially loud, meaning you will want to purchase external speakers if you really want to crank out the volume.

Sound Quality

The piano sounds on the Yamaha NP31 were on record taking advantage of Yamaha’s famous Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) technology. Thanks to this innovative stereo sampling system that they have created, the company is able to capture all of the expressiveness and detail of the original instrument and download into the sound engine of their digital pianos.

The NP31 has definitely received lots of benefits from this. The piano has a bold and rich sound that is unrivaled among most portable keyboards. Really, the only knock against the NP31’s sound is that the speakers the piano comes with aren’t all that powerful. If you listen through headphones, though, or purchase an amp then the sound quality of the NP31 is outstanding.

Key Action and Realism

The GST keyboard that the NP31 comes appointed with is partly weighted, however not as vast as the company’s flagship GHS keyboard. This is done to keep both the cost and the weight of the instrument down. The NP31’s key action is a little light, but not so much that it feels unrealistic. The keyboard is graded, meaning that the lower keys have more resistance than the higher ones, and this is a nice touch. As far as portable keyboards are concerned, many of which are not weighted at all much less graded, the NP31 has superb key action. Compared against Yamaha’s larger, more expensive pianos such as the Yamaha DGX 640 it may fall a little short, but for the purposes, it serves it is great.

Other Features and Specifications

You have the possibility to take advantage of the NP31 excellent features that are highly useful and serve as a good bonus for this musical instrument.

These features contain:

  • MIDI connectivity,
  • built-in headphone jack,
  • 10 different voices,
  • the ability to be powered off of an AC current or off of batteries,
  • a built-in metronome,
  • 4 types of reverb effects,
  • built-in demo songs,
  • and several other helpful settings and adjustments.

The NP31 has a thin and compact design, making it a very transportable instrument that you can take with you anywhere you go, all the more so the NP31 weighs only19.2 pounds.


For a novice musician or an advanced one searching a cheap, transportable piano that still sounds and feels much better than the competition, the NP31 is the ideal fit. It has a nice key action, a great sound, and plenty of helpful digital features. Certainly, if you fall into one of the above categories then the NP31 is worth considering.

This pattern is rightfully evaluated and fits in the budget best digital keyboard under $500 category. This means that no matter your budget you can still afford it.

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