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Yamaha Montage 8 Synthesizer Review

Yamaha Montage 8 is the best synthesizer that has the latest offerings. If you’re looking for a nice and superb piano that incorporates both analog and modular systems, Montage 8 is your best pick. The synthesizer comes with the latest technologies and a brand new interface that makes the Montage 8 outshine its competitors.

In this Yamaha Montage8 Synthesizer review, we take a deeper look at the keyboard’s features and capabilities that contribute to a lively musical performance. Quality sounds and numerous effects will charm even the most discerning users. Yamaha has deliberately built a powerful tool especially in this day and age where live performances have become popular.

Yamaha Montage 8 Synthesizer Workstation

Keys: 88, Weighted

Polyphony: 128

Dimensions: 57 x 18 x 6 inches

Weight: 63 pounds

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  • Both the Motif-series keyboards and the DX are packed in an 88-key workstation of the Yamaha Montage. Montage 8 is built with sound engines FM-X (Frequency-Modulation Synthesis) and AWM2 (Synthesis – and sample-based sounds). The powerful AWM2 engine greatly enhances sound production as its waveform capacity is almost 10 times stronger compared to Motif XF. The FM-X engine can produce different types of sounds ranging from classic tunes to modern sounds. Yamaha Montage 8 Synthesizer has a 128 note polyphony which ensures a wide variety of sound options. If you’re looking for sound variety, you can never go wrong with this keyboard as it has a 16-part multi-timbral feature and different kinds of sounds. Putting your sounds together is much easier as Montage 8 is compatible with Motif ES/XF/XS voices which simplifies the transfer of sounds.


  • There are many disadvantages in Yamaha Montage 8 Synthesizer. However, be careful to choose a compatible sustain pedal for the best results. The information displayed on the screen is difficult to see because the text is displayed in a tiny font size.

Wonderfull Effects

There are different effects ranging from VCM (Virtual Circuit Modelling) to high-definition reverbs in Montage 8. You can make use of numerous effects such as Bit Crusher, Beat Repeat and Vinyl Break to find a contemporary EDM sound. To have a ducking effect, feel free to add a compressor with sidechain or go retro by utilizing vintage effects such as VCM Phaser, Analog Delay or Amp simulators. Damper resonance is vital for achieving a quality piano experience as well as reverbs that allow you to comfortably do any performance.


The Montage 8 keyboard can be connected to your computer via a single USB cable in order to capture every sound into your DAW by this feature. The synthesizer has a powerful USB driver that can comfortably receive 3 and send 16 channels of digital audio sounds to and from your computer or iOS device. Being a class-compliant keyboard, you don’t need any other hardware support. Furthermore, the USB connection comes with complete 16-channel MIDI support.

Motion Sequences

Motion Sequences allow Montage 8 users to find unique ways of creating various sounds thanks to the customized control and tempo-synchronized sequences that can be assigned to any kind of synthesizer. Motion sequences also come with dedicated controls on the front panel which encourages interactivity as it is easy to change and manipulate sounds in real-time.

Envelop Follower

An Envelope Follower is a fun control function that converts audio into a control source for different kinds of synthesizer parameters. A drum loop, for instance, could drive the effects parameters for a vocal recording with the capability of controlling numerous parameters to act like a “talking” synthesizer.

Other Features

Other key features of Yamaha Montage 8 Synthesizer include a “Super Knob” control with the capability to simultaneously control multiple parameters, a strong pattern sequencer, dual insert FX for all 16 parts as well as an arpeggiator that holds up to eight arpeggio parts at the same instance. With a Super Knob, motion control, assign buttons and expression wheels, you can include multiple additional elements to your song or sound.


Yamaha’s Montage is beautifully designed, well illuminated and easier to spot in the dark. The interactive touch screen displays a lot of key information which includes parameter display, patch selection, and sound display. This synthesizer has completely revolutionized how you can find and organize your sounds. Doing a search is simple thanks to the search feature. The Montage 8 can intelligently assign anything using the super knob. Overall, it’s a great investment for the modern and dynamic user.

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