Williams Overture 2 88-Key

Williams Overture 2 Digital Piano Review

The Williams Overture 2 piano has many of the identical, popular features of the Williams Allegro keyboard, besides an appealing full-sized design. The Overture supplied with a completely weighted keyboard with regulable touch-sensitivity, support, sostenuto, and mild pedals, 64-note polyphony, and 147 very realistic voices. By dint of this Williams Overture 88 key digital piano review, we’ll consider in detail look at these characteristics and more and discuss whether the Overture is a good electronic piano to purchase.

Williams Overture 2 88-Key Digital Piano

Keys: 88, Weighted

Polyphony: 64

Dimensions: 54 x 20 x 34 inches

Weight: 150 pounds

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  • The key action of the Williams Overture 2 digital piano is much realistic, and the regulable touch sensitivity of the keypad permits you to regulate settings appropriate for your own preferences. The sound quality of the Overture is equally impressive, and all of the piano’s 143 voices are very well done and have a nice, realistic sound. The cabinet of the Overture is attractive, especially for an inexpensive piano, and the Overture is capable of accommodating all of the basic connectivity, including USB, MIDI, AUX, and a headphone jack.


  • The metronome and play-along songs of the Overture are both tunned overly powerful, and it is hard to play along to them. The metronome isn’t too bad, but the play-along song will almost drown out the notes you are playing yourself. Also, some people have voiced complaints about how soft the key action on the Overture is, but I personally find it to be just fine. Again, no digital piano is going to perfectly imitate the feel of a traditional piano. For a digital piano in its price range, the Overture does very well.

Sound Quality

One of the instrument’s most excellent characteristics is the sound quality of the Williams Overture 2 88 key digital piano. The Overture produces a full, rich sound that simply is hard to rival and is far better than what I’ve heard out of most inexpensive digital pianos.

The Williams Overture 2 piano speakers are powerful and can really throw out the sound if you turn the loudness all the way up. One of the best things about the sound quality of the Overture, though, is how many sounds there are to choose from.

Whereas numerous of these sounds may not ever earnestly take advantage of, they are still pleasant to play around with, and the Overtures proposes lots of rich, realistic voices to select through. All in all, the sound quality of the Williams Overture piano is well above average.

Key Action and Realism

Williams Overture key action

The key action of Williams Overture’s completely weighted keyboard proposes lots of reality for a novice as well as the intermediate player to never discover the difference. Along with this, the sensitivity of the keys can be adjusted to fit your personal preferences, and, best of all, changed over time as those preferences adjust.

The key action of the Overture isn’t ideal, but it’s about as near as you will receive with an acceptable electronic piano. There are plenty of digital pianos in its price range that can’t compete with the Overture in this regard, making the key action of this piano not only meet but beat my expectations. If you are concerned about your budget, we recommend you browse through our collection of the best digital piano under $500.

Other Features and Specifications

There are several types of connectivity Overture propose, such as MIDI, USB, and AUX connectivity, as well as a headphone connector (which, among other things, is placed in a far more comfortable position than many digital pianos). The Overture also comes with three pedals, sustain, sostenuto, and soft, all of which work well and are quite realistic.

The Overture is outfitted with:

  • metronome;
  • play-along songs;
  • 143 voices;
  • 3 keyboard modes;
  • 2-track recording;
  • 64-note polyphony.

At last, it supplied with an engaging, dark wood cupboard and a metal key cap that is very enjoyable on the eye.


The Williams Overture is a reliable, perfectly-made digital piano that proposes an abundance of realism, both in the way it sounds and the way it plays. Along with this, it’s an attractive piano that comes loaded with plenty of extra features and voices to have fun with.

If you are a novice musician searching the best digital piano to learn on and grow with until you can afford a more costly one, the Overture is a fabulous piano to examine.

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