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Williams Allegro Digital Piano Review

The Williams Allegro digital piano is a highly multifunctional electronic piano that has a function to play out of the box while still proposing a large number of more high-level settings and options, making it suitable for both beginning musicians and intermediate to advanced pianists. This singularity along with a few of the piano’s innovative characteristics and not high prices all make it one of the most popular for musicians today.

Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Digital Piano

Keys: 88

Polyphony: 64

Dimensions: 45 x 12.2 x 20.27 inches

Weight: 43.2 pounds

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  • The key action is one of the main features of The Williams Allegro digital piano. The Allegro comes with velocity-sensitive, fully weighted keys that can detect how hard you have pressed the key and adjust the sound appropriately, just like a real piano, and for a piano in this price range, the key action of the Allegro is quite impressive. Most any Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano review you will read will also be quick to point out the high quality of the realistic, reverberating sound the piano produces. Lastly, the Allegro is incredibly affordable, which is a nice bonus.


  • Safekeeping any music you produce is going to be a problem as The Allegro does not have USB connectivity. Also, the speakers are not overpoweringly loud. This is not a concert piano like the Roland RD-300NX, nor is it a piano to produce music on. However, if you are looking for a great, affordable piano to learn to play on or one to just have some fun with then the Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano is an excellent choice.

Sound Quality

Despite that the sound of the speakers of the Allegro cannot compete with the volume at concerts, the sound quality of this Williams keyboard is just excellent. One Williams Allegro review really mentions how nice the reverb effect on the piano is, and I am inclined to totally agree. It really gives the Allegro a nice, realistic sound that imitates the resonance you get with the strings of a traditional piano.

The digital piano has a pleasant, full-bodied sound and you have the possibility easy to estimate in a piano this compact and reasonable. Again, you probably won’t want to get up on stage with the Williams Allegro, but for playing from within your home the Allegro has a plenty good enough sound quality to pleasantly produce any song you would like to play.

Key Action and Realism

The key action of the Williams Allegro digital piano is one of the most appreciated and complimented side of this piano. Obviously, no digital piano is going to be able to perfectly mimic the feel of a hammer striking strings, but they can get close, and that’s what the Allegro does.

Its rapidity-sensory keys and completely weighted keyboard both provide a pleasantly realistic experience, particularly for a keyboard style piano. If you are transitioning back and forth from a traditional piano to the Allegro, you should have no problem adjusting to the way the keyboard feels. In fact, you will probably feel a very minimal difference at all.

Other Features and Specifications

Williams Allegro 2 Stand

There are some other characteristics of the Allegro that give it a leg up on most digital pianos in its price variety, besides the completely weighted, rapidity-sensory keys, which are a fabulous touch, particularly for an acceptable keyboard. To begin with, it comes with a nice, easy to read LCD display.

The electronic piano also has a headphone connector, can be used as a MIDI controller, and has about ten diverse instrument sounds to select from, including some various styles of piano and organs together with a synth pad and strings. The Allegro weighs just a little over forty pounds and can be powered off of a battery or wall outlet, giving you the option of portability if you so desire.


The Williams Allegro digital piano is an acceptable keyboard that comes outfitted with lots of characteristics that you just do not discover on many keyboards. It has solid key action and a great, realistic sound. If you are looking for a great piano to learn to play on or just one that is inexpensive and portable enough to carry with you on the go Williams Allegro is the best digital piano to fit the goal.

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