Used Digital Pianos: Buy or Not To Buy?

Today we have a huge variety of new pianos available on the market. This availability leads to an important question: should you consider purchasing a used digital piano? In short, it’s probably not the best option.

To better illustrate this point, we’ll take a look at the top three reasons why purchasing a used digital piano is usually an unnecessary risk.


It is not a secret that modern digital pianos quickly depreciate and better new models come into replacing them.

What this means is that a piano that cost $2000 ten years ago might not be worth a quarter of that now even if it’s in perfect condition, simply because there are so many new digital pianos with more features, better sound, more realistic key action, etc. that cost half what the old piano did.


Unfortunately, it is impossible to estimate the depreciation of a digital piano, which means that there is no method to evaluate a used device.

Since there is no way of judging this depreciation and no real way of knowing how comparable an older piano is to its modern counterparts, there is no standard for judging the worth of a used digital piano.

Going back to the $2000, ten-year-old piano we used as our example, paying $1000 for it may seem like a great deal (it is still in perfect playing condition after all).

You can also easily choose a new, better piano for the price of an old one. Then what’s the point of taking the old one?

The same logic goes for phones, computers, TV’s and most any electronic. There’s simply no way to judge their worth based on their original price since the newer models are so much more advanced.


Choosing a used piano, you can not be sure of its quality and durability. You play a lottery.

You may get one that was kept in great condition that will last for years or you may wind up with a piano whose previous owners let their grandkids treat like a cheap toy keyboard.

It is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection. But there are so many nuances that you can easily miss something important.

Like buying a used car, finding just one unexpected issue can be a costly fix that turns your “great deal” into a piano that ends up costing more than a much better, brand new one.


The main reason for the sale of old pianos is the fact that there are new, improved models.

The digital pianos today have better key actions, better sound, and much more digital features than those made even less than a decade ago.

While every great once and a while you may find a used digital piano for sale that is only a few months old, most of the ones you will find are going to be far outdated, meaning you are much better off with a newer, more effective model.

We have gathered for you best digital pianos with weighted keys to help you find the model that suits your requirements most!


Having such a choice of new high-quality pianos at an affordable price, it makes no sense to buy a backed up piano of a Craigslist ad. Like buying a used car, buying a used digital piano is a business of risk and reward—one where the reward is rarely worth the risk.

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