Korg KROME 88-Key

Korg KROME 88-Key Workstation Review

The Krome workstation proposes the practice for any user who wants to find a powerful workstation to make their dreams a reality. The 88-key workstation is a true redefinition for those having great expectations. Korg KROME 88 doesn’t disappoint as every aspect of it is phenomenal. Interestingly, Krome is a Greek word that means color. […]

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Korg B1

Korg B1 Digital Piano Review

People who are searching for a piano at a reasonable price must consider Korg B1. It is one of the companies that produce the most affordable digital pianos. Among Korg’s most prominent pianos is Korg B1, which were are going to have a look at in details in this review. We’ll see its amazing features, […]

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