Midiplus AKM320 MIDI Controller Review

Music producers, when doing their work, should use take advantage of such an essential component as the MIDI controller. In the case, you are guided by quality, the midiplus AKM320 is an excellent selection for any studio. A beautiful controller for novices, this mid-size keyboard with attractive price and provides all of the fundamental characteristics software musicians need.

The controller’s lightweight, portable design makes it a great option for musicians who already have a full-size MIDI controller but want a portable one for traveling, performing, editing, recording and composing on the go.

Midiplus AKM320 32-Key Midi Controller

Keys: 32


  • transope buttons (up & down) ;
  • pitch and modulation wheels;
  • octave buttons (up & down);
  • volume slider.

Dimensions: 18.1 X 4.9 X 1.2 inches

Weight: 1.6 pounds

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The Basics

The midiplus AKM320 brags affecting characteristics such as 32 complete-size, speed-sensory keys, a pitch wheel, a modulation wheel, an up and down octave button, an up and down transpose button, and a loudness slider.

It is USB operated and compatible with any MIDI device, Mac or PC. The keyboard also has an input jack for an optional sustain pedal.

Trying Out MIDIPLUS AKM320


  • Compact enough. Being only 1.6 pounds and 18” long, this MIDI keyboard does not take a lot of space and can be easily carried where you want. Musicians can have a MIDI controller available to record, remix, edit or compose any time inspiration strikes. The USB port means no bulky drivers or external power adapters will be taking up extra room.
  • Extended Features. The MIDI keyboard except for standard functions also includes the pitch and modulation wheels that provide more in-depth sound and expression. The transpose and octave buttons are also useful functions, and they make up for the lack of other keys and knobs by allowing the musician to cover more octaves and keys with fewer controls.
  • Plug and Play. You do not need to install any drivers – just plug it and play. Musicians can simply plug the device into any computer and begin their musical creations immediately.


  • Stiff keys. This keyboard has stiff keys which influence its sensitivity. The velocity sensitivity on the controller keys could stand to be improved, as the keys on this keyboard are a little stiff. Users of this product have complained that they have to press down very hard to get enough volume from the keys. While this would not be problematic for electronic music and simple chords or melodies, musicians wanting to play more complex compositions may have difficulty.
  • Volume-slider. The volume slider seems to consistently cause problems, as it will not reach a minimum or maximum volume, operating only between 30% and 80%.
  • Compatibility issues. Some users complain that their PCs do not recognize MIDI controller. This issue only affects a small number of people, but the complaint has not been resolved. Most users with this issue have had to return the device.
  • Basic controls. While this MIDI controller is a great option for beginners or musicians on a budget, there are many features this keyboard lacks as opposed to more sophisticated models. Seasoned music producers may find there are not enough controls, knobs or pads to meet their production or performance needs.
  • Software not included. Package contains no music software. This means these programs will need to be purchased in order to have more advanced editing and remixing abilities as well as virtual instrumental sounds.


The midiplus AKM 320 is a great MIDI controller for beginner musicians, traveling musicians and those who want a smaller keyboard to accompany a larger one. It’s also a perfect choice when space is limited in the music studio.

While this keyboard may be considered basic when it comes to controls and specs, the extended features and affordable price more than makeup for what it lacks. The midiplus AKM 320 is a great choice for any software musician. Also, check out our Top 5 best MIDI keyboard controllers

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