Korg KROME 88-Key

Korg KROME 88-Key Workstation Review

The Krome workstation proposes the practice for any user who wants to find a powerful workstation to make their dreams a reality. The 88-key workstation is a true redefinition for those having great expectations. Korg KROME 88 doesn’t disappoint as every aspect of it is phenomenal. Interestingly, Krome is a Greek word that means color. In terms of affordability, this is the best digital piano for the money requested. The price is great considering this music board can comfortably handle a wide spectrum of amazing sounds for live performances, electronic pianos, drums and new acoustic piano raising the standards to a whole new level.

Korg KROME 88-Key Music Workstation Keyboard & Synthesizer

Keys: 88, Weighted

Polyphony: 120

Dimensions: 57.01 x 15.08 x 5.16 inches

Weight: 32,4 pounds

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  • The price is very good for you because you can experience an immensely powerful keyboard. Korg Krome is solid and built upon a flexible and deep architecture. This synthesizer has an interactive color touchscreen which works with a stylus and is filled with amazing touchable parameters and graphics that simplifies operation. Krome allows you to touch-drag sliders, data value boxes and knobs right on the screen. In addition, Korg Krome has categories within categories to enable you quickly access desired sounds. We can’t forget to mention the onscreen DAW like MIDI editing as well the piano roll.


  • Lack of dedicated octave shift buttons and keys fail to react to aftertouch. You have to wait for about a minute for the workstation to boot up. Unfortunately, some users have complained there is no significant improvement in drum sounds.

Great Array of Sounds

Aside from the 88-full-length unlooped stereo samples that produce a rich and exciting sound, damper resonance is also available. The Krome is a perfect example of Korg’s commitment to ensure users enjoy amazing sounds.

Impressive Quality Drum Sounds

There is a built-in drum kits in Korg Krome that helps the song production. Thanks to the extensive PCM memory, these sounds help to achieve a phenomenal level of response and realism. With a little adjustment of the mix balance between various sounds, you get a rich drum sounds that fully meets the character and balance you are looking for.

Broad Range of Sounds

Korg Krome meets the needs of all users with a beautiful and extensive array of sounds that incorporate diverse styles. This music keyboard allows you to explore your creativity from a wide pool of 288 combinations or 640 programs. Each selection is a product of professional studio expertise as well as performing musicians to ensure a remarkable result. Furthermore, you can create, customize, tweak and save your own sounds.

Drum Track for Astounding Grooves

You can only press Drum Track feature in order to get superb professionally played grooves. You can incorporate or play them along with your own music production. The sequencer creates drum patterns and avails a rhythm guide which greatly enhances live performances.

Dual Polyphonic Arpeggiators

Two arpeggiators can run simultaneously whether you are in the Sequencer mode or Combination mode. Besides standard arpeggio patterns, the dual polyphonic arpeggiators can create drum patterns, guitar or bass riffs and can be utilized as building blocks for creating pads, sound design, synth sounds and sound effects such as subtle motion.

Workstation Powerhouse

You can use a lot of cool features in Korg Krome from this caliber of the keyboard. Krome has a full suite of tools and parameters to satisfy your creative appetite. There is an Auto Song Setup function which allows you to begin recording immediately you feel you have the right tone and rhythm.

Distinctive Design

An elegant feel and appearance for Korg Krome are given by the dark-colored body design. The unique and captivating look makes this keyboard easily recognizable from far.

Other Features

Korg Krome’s other key features include USB and SD storage, plug-in and standalone KORG editing software and a Natural Weighted Hammer Action keyboard that can comfortably play any style of music.


Korg KROME is a dream for everyone. This keyboard allows you to explore your creativity to the fullest and has an intuitive on-screen interface that makes it fun to use. Performance and controls of Korg Krome are well on point.

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