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Casio PX750 Digital Piano Review

Summarizing, we can say that the Casio PX750 is an improved version of the slightly less expensive model P150. Coming with a three-pedal system, more powerful speakers, and appreciated features not found on any of Casio’s portable models such as a sliding key cover and included stand. In this Casio PX750 review, we’ll take a more in-depth look at some of these features, the pros, and cons of the instrument, and a few things to consider before purchasing the PX750.

Casio PX750 BK 88-Key Touch Sensitive Privia Digital Piano with USB Connectivity

Keys: 88, Weighted

Polyphony: 128

Dimensions: 53 x 11.7 x 32.8 inches

Weight: 70 pounds

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  • One of the main features of this instrument is an improved acoustic system, which is considered to be the best among others. Another great thing about the PX750 is that, for a quality, furniture-style digital piano, the PX750 is one of the most affordable options available.


  • One complaint concerning the PX750 is that its finish is thinly applied and prone to chipping. Another issue that some have had, is that the piano comes with only one memory track.

Sound Quality of the Casio PX750

It should also be noted that thanks to the 128-voice polyphony and the upgraded 16-watt acoustic system, the PX750 sound is the best of the other sounds of the models of its valuable level, many well-known musicians assessed the sound of this instrument. The second of these features gives the PX750 a fuller, more resonating sound—one that is arguably the best to be heard from a piano in its price range.

Another nice feature of the PX750 is the fact that it comes with eighteen different instrument tones, with five of these tones being different types of acoustic pianos, allowing you to play a wider range of musical genres.

Key Action and Realism of the PX750

The key action of a digital piano, undoubtedly, one of the most important things of the instrument. Casio, however, has taken impressive measures to see that this is not an issue with the PX750. The PX750 features a redesigned Tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard that really must be played to be fully appreciated.

To start, scaled keyboards (meaning that the lower the keys go, the more resistance they have) are always preferred, but the Tri-sensor improves this even further by capturing the dynamics of performance in real-time and adjusting the key action accordingly.

As a second bonus the realism of the PX750, the keys are made from simulated ebony and ivory, giving them a great, genuine texture.

Other Features and Specifications of the Casio PX750

The PX750 also has many other interesting and useful features besides its key action. One of these is the PX750’s music library of sixty preset songs that users can learn or play along with—a feature that is especially fun for those beginning to learn the instrument who might be unable to play such songs without guidance.

Despite the fact that it is a furniture model piano, another detail about the PX750 that many will appreciate is the fact that it is actually quite portable. Weighing just thirty-two kilograms, the PX750 is light enough to be moved around at will.

Other features of the PX750 include:

  • class-compliant USB MIDI connectivity,
  • layered, split, and duet keyboard modes,
  • the half-damper pedal operation,
  • capacity for ten user-uploaded songs,
  • auto power-off,
  • an included stand
  • sliding, metal key cover


Not many digital pianos in the same price range can compete with the PX750 for quality of sound and key action. While there are models with more features and more powerful sound engines, none of them are as affordable or portable as the PX750. We have compiled this set of digital piano under $500 for those of you who are tight on money. There is surely a model you can afford!

While the PX750 could be used by anyone, it seems especially suited for those just beginning to learn the instrument, its preset songs, low cost, and easy-to-use features making it so.

In conclusion, Casio has been making quality and affordable digital pianos for a very long time, and the PX750 is certainly a continuation of this trend.

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