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Casio PX5S Digital Piano Review

If you are looking for a digital piano at an affordable price, then the Casio PX5S is what you need. While it may be quite different in purpose from the other pianos in the line, the PX5S is part of Casio’s esteemed Privia line of digital pianos, meaning it comes equipped with the full amount of sound and key action boosting features found on the rest of the Privia series plus an impressive assortment of stage and music production focused features as well.

It is surprising, Casio managed to place in the Privia series a large number of high-quality functions, but at the same time leaving the price low enough. The PX5S is no exception to this at all. The PX5S comes with more features, a better sound, and a better key action than stage/music production pianos that cost considerably more. In this Casio PX5S review, we’ll take a look at these features as well as the various pros and cons of the instrument.

Casio Privia PX5S 88 Key Digital Stage Piano

Keys: 88, Weighted

Polyphony: 256

Dimensions: 52.05 x 11.26 x 5.31 inches

Weight: 24 pounds

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  • But the price is not the only advantage of the PX5S. One of the main things, however, is its keyboard. Like other Privia pianos, the PX5S is equipped with the Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard, a highly acclaimed keyboard that makes it one of the most realistic feeling stage pianos available.
  • The other main advantage of the PX5S is its impressive number of features. From a four-zone controller to 256 notes of polyphony capability, to its powerful AiR sound source technology, the PX5S packs a lot of punch.


  • A significant disadvantage of the PX5S is the lack of built-in speakers, so you need to take care of this in advance. Also, the PX5S’s control is quite complex and require a considerable amount of time to become proficient at using.


The sound source of Casio AiR is rated by many musicians as being one of the most advanced and high-quality sound recording technology available, particularly great since it’s found on a series of digital pianos as affordable as the Privia series.

While the PX5S maybe a little more specialized than the rest of the pianos in the series, but it thankfully still comes equipped with the same amazing sound.

I played on the PX5S only once, but the sound quality is remembered for a long time. The PX5S sounds highly realistic, and its 256 notes of polyphony ensure that no notes will be cut off prematurely no matter how complicated the piece.


The PX5S comes equipped with Casio’s Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard, a highly acclaimed keyboard that feels about as close to an acoustic piano as a digital piano can.

The keys are highly sensitive and have the effect of resiliency when pressed, which contributes to greater comfort. The three sensors in every key are great for providing a considerably quicker response to repetitive sounds.

The PX5S keys are made of artificial ebony and ivory, which provides a classic look and prevents excessive moisture.


With this piano, you can easily edit tracks and play live shows on stage. Without a doubt, the PX5S was made for serious musicians who are willing to commit the time to learn how to operate all of its bells and whistles.

If you are willing to commit that time, however, then the PX5S is certainly a powerful instrument.

Among the main features of the PX5S, you can select a controller with four zones, which has four knobs and six sliders that can be used to control internal sounds, effect parameters or install continuous controllers to another program, four programmable arpeggiators, hex tones, filters in real-time and a literal arsenal of other creative tools.

More general features of the PX5S include USB and MIDI connectivity, audio recording and playback, an attractive LCD display, a large number of instrument sound including a few very cool, vintage electronic piano tones, and a headphone jack.

The weight of the PX5S is 14.7 kilograms, making it light enough to transport frequently for stage use.


The PX5S is great sounding and realistic feeling digital piano that happens to also be equipped with a ton of music production and stage use features.

Of course, this is not typical, but with the PX5S you can also learn to play the piano as well as on the acoustic one. It’s this quality and versatility that set the PX5S apart.

The price exactly corresponds to what you get by choosing this device. If you don’t mind the learning curve and the fact that it doesn’t come with built-in speakers, then the PX5S is an excellent piano to consider. If the chosen price category suits you then we suggest you have a closer look at our digital pianos under $3000 review.

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