Best Synthesizer Under $1000

Do you need a good synthesizer at a reasonable price? Don’t worry as there are cool synthesizers out there for less than $1,000 price tag that will charm your imagination.

If you thought you can’t get your hands on an affordable best synthesizer under $1,000, you’re wrong. We take a look at some of the best synthesizers you can buy with $1,000 or less.



Consider the Moog Sub Phatty which has a low price but is packed with some great features. Everything on this synthesizer works perfectly from the feel, sound, flexibility, usability, features and of course, the price! With a price tag of almost $800, the Moog Sub Phatty fully caters for your ambitions and expectations.

The impeccable shift in sound variations and the fantastic variable waveform selector on both oscillators and the smooth performance enabling you accurately get the precise waveforms you want are some of the reasons that make Moog Sub Phatty stand out.

If you need a really loud sound, this instrument suits you like no other. With 25 semi-weighted keys, multiple Mod Sources i.e. Square, Triangle, Ramp, Saw, Filter Envelope and SH, 1 Square Wave Sub Oscillator, 2 Variable Waveshape Oscillators, and 1 Noise Generator, you are well taken care of.



Spend only $500 and you will receive really good KORG Minilogue Analog Synthesizer – powerful analog engine. 37-keys, the wood paneling design, maximum polyphony of 4 voices and 16-step sequences are some of the cool offerings accompanying KORG Minilogue.

Additionally, what you get with this synthesizer is a superb unison mode, arpeggiator mode, monophonic mode and side-chain mode which is a new feature that lowers the amplitude of the previous note as you strike a new note. The layering enables you easily and conveniently fine-tune your patches up to the nth degree.

The synthesizer has a sturdy build quality and simple panel configuration. Overall, this synthesizer delivers well in all modes and feel great.


Studiologic Sledge 2.0 61-Key Synthesizer with Aftertouch

Studiologic Sledge 2.0 is a well-remembered musical instrument. If you’re looking for the best synthesizers under $1,000, you need to check out this synthesizer which has well-laid out panel that makes you feel nice and comfortable using it.

Studiologic Sledge 2.0 allows you to play an entire range of 5 octaves which is loved by traditional pianists and offers you a versatile digital engine that beautifully showcases your studio and stage performances.

Having the price of about $999, the Sledge 2.0 has a high-quality sound engine and offers numerous front panel buttons and knobs to manage data control to and from your DAW. Aside from being a nice standalone synthesizer, Sledge 2.0 is a remarkable MIDI controller.

There are lots of improvements from the predecessor Sledge 1.0 such as the polyphony which now has up to 24 voices. Numerous modulation effects and routing choices will make you want to stay on this synthesizer the entire night.


Novation Bass Station II Analog Mono-Synth

Look at Novation Bass Station II which costs only $400! Don’t be fooled by the low price, this best music synthesizer under $1000 is a great buy for anyone looking for an affordable piano but with decent specs and great performance capabilities.

The controls are well arranged with a preset bank that is simple to program. The oscillator of the Novation Bass Station II allows you to select between one to two octaves below which gives an amazing deep bass sound.

Those who use the Bass Station II can take advantage of a classic filter to experience precise timbral change when you choose different filter effects.

The keyboard has a nice feel, decent oscillators, numerous modulation options, easy step sequencer and surprisingly, a working arpeggiator. There is a bit of wobble to the switches and knobs and lack of a strong grip.

This is no bad so long as you don’t move around so much with the Bass Station II. If you want to experience the beauty of an analog synth at an affordable price tag, Novation Bass Station II is ideal for you. The synthesizer is also an excellent choice for electronic music production and live electro sets.


Yamaha REFACE DX Portable FM Synthesizer


People who are looking for a portable synthesizer must appreciate Yamaha Reface DX. At under $500, this FM synthesizer is battery powered and can easily fit into your backpack, that’s amazing, right? With 4 operators, this best music synthesizer under $1000 allows you to have endless fun and enables you to enjoy unlimited tweaking options.

The front panel is well laid out with a pitch lever from left to right. The DX also has an octave slider and master volume features.

The Yamaha Reface DX works well and is addictive considering the headache of FM programming is now a thing of the past. Despite its tiny size, the Reface DX is a powerful sound engine as it’s an 8-note polyphonic four operator FM synthesizer.

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