Top 4 Best Piano Books for Kids

Do you want to give your child a truly quality piano book? Experts explain that you can teach kids as young as 3 years to play the piano. But, the fact also remains that kids that young have very short attention spans. Of course, that is until they find some activity extremely interesting. That’s partly the reason why it is so easy for them to remain riveted to the cartoons on TV or any other digital device.

When choosing a great book to teach your kids, pick out one that can capture their interest. Make the lesson so exciting that they are spurred on to practice on their own instead of the experience of becoming a chore. Take a look at some of the best piano books for kids you can find on Amazon.


BASTIEN PIANO BASICS PRIMER LEVEL – PIANOThe authors of this book know that the presence of pictures is very important for children, so they took care of it. Use this book to teach your child theory, technique, and how to perform in a sensible and progressive sequence that kids will love to pick up.

Choose whatever kind of music your child responds to such as pop, classical, folk, or the new age. Although this book is intended for learners of ages 7 through 11, if you think your child has an aptitude for music, you can always get started early.


LEVEL 1 – LESSON BOOK: PIANO ADVENTURESBeing composers, the authors of this book, Nancy Faber and Randall Faber, know how to present the content and make it as useful as possible. They have created a book that is filled with colorful drawings, and notes in oversize fonts so kids can read them easily.

In addition to practice lessons, and music theory, the book also has puzzles and other games that will evoke keen interest in the actual keys and playing of the piano.


SCALES BOOTCAMPThe Scales Bootcamp can be described as “The fastest, clearest way to get to know your scales, and then master them.” It carries a series of lessons broken down into blocks of three and four notes.

Learning scales has never been so much fun because kids find it easy to remember which of the scales are flats and sharps.

The book also makes it easy to learn to play multiple notes at a given time. If your child seems to think that the piano is a boring chore that is foisted on him or her, you absolutely need this book.


MUSIC FOR LITTLE MOZARTS: MUSIC WORKBOOK ONE (MUSIC FOR LITTLE MOZARTS)This book is good because it managed to maintain the connection between colors and notes. And, that makes it exceedingly easy for kids to master the lessons. While the entire Music for Little Mozarts is an 8-book series, the workbook edition is one of the best piano books for kids. That’s because it includes exercises like coloring, tracing notes, matching sessions, and ear training.

Choose this book for your kids and you’ll have a bunch of youngsters looking forward to learning to play. Now that’s a welcome change from tussles where you have to insist that they practice their lessons.


Playing the piano is a challenge for little musicians. You want to interest and delight them enough to want to learn on their own instead of making it seem like an unwanted task they must perform. Choose from the best piano books for kids and watch as they develop their innate skills and a passion for the art form.

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