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Top 8 Best Digital Pianos Under $3000

It is quite difficult for many people to find a place in the apartment for such a voluminous instrument, and often this prevents them from making music. However, we live in the XXI century, and with it come innovations that make problems of this kind obsolete. Digital pianos were created with the maximum approximation to […]

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Williams Allegro

Williams Allegro Digital Piano Review

The Williams Allegro digital piano is a highly multifunctional electronic piano that has a function to play out of the box while still proposing a large number of more high-level settings and options, making it suitable for both beginning musicians and intermediate to advanced pianists. This singularity along with a few of the piano’s innovative […]

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Yamaha np 31

Yamaha NP31 Ultra-Portable Digital Piano Review

The Yamaha NP31 is a high-quality, acceptable electronic keyboard that makes a gorgeous instrument for novice musicians or traveling instrumentalists. At 19.2 weights, the keyboard is much light enough to take anywhere with comfort whereas still having a 76-key Graded Soft Touch (GST) keyboard that supplies a key action. It is far more realistic then […]

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Williams Overture 2 88-Key

Williams Overture 2 Digital Piano Review

The Williams Overture 2 piano has many of the identical, popular features of the Williams Allegro keyboard, besides an appealing full-sized design. The Overture supplied with a completely weighted keyboard with regulable touch-sensitivity, support, sostenuto, and mild pedals, 64-note polyphony, and 147 very realistic voices. By dint of this Williams Overture 88 key digital piano […]

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Yamaha P45B

Yamaha P45B Digital Piano Review

The Yamaha P45B is another jewel from the Yamaha company. It has been very popular with novices musicians as well as expert piano players searching the simpleness of characteristics as well as higher sound excellence. let’s take a closer look at key features as well as this instrument’s pros and cons to understand better what […]

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Top 3 Best Piano Recording Software

Do you need high-quality software to record tracks from the piano? With so many options out there, it can be hard to decide what is right for you and the style that you are trying to achieve. Fortunately, we have gone through the best (and the worst!) options out there to narrow it down. From […]

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5 Chopin’s Most Beautiful Piano Pieces

Chopin is undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest piano composers, with more than 200 songs. Frederic Chopin who was born a Polish but later changed his citizenship to French lived between 1810 and 1849. He was a child prodigy and his exemplary piano technique surprised everyone. Chopin lived in the romantic era which was popular […]

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Top 5 Best MIDI Keyboard Controllers

Do you want to make a great piece of music? With the right MIDI keyboard that’s exactly what you’ll get. But how do you find the right keyboard? Well, it’s easy, we did the digging for you and picked out the 5 best MIDI Keyboard Controllers ruling the roost of this year . It is […]

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5 Best Works by Robert Schumann

Music plays a very important role in our life. Moreover, in the modern world are highly valued works of composers from the past. Robert Schumann born in 1810 was a popular composer who lived in the romantic era and had an interesting early childhood. His journey in music began very early and at only seven […]

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Best Synthesizer Under $1000

Do you need a good synthesizer at a reasonable price? Don’t worry as there are cool synthesizers out there for less than $1,000 price tag that will charm your imagination. If you thought you can’t get your hands on an affordable best synthesizer under $1,000, you’re wrong. We take a look at some of the […]

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