Alesis V49

Alesis V49 MIDI Controller Review

None of the modern manufacturers can’t produce masterpieces without sophisticated devices designed to optimize the musician’s sound quality, control, and dynamics. MIDI controllers are one of the most fundamental importance for creating music, as the possibility to manage MIDI devices on computers and other instruments is inestimable. Recording, remixing, editing and manipulating music are basic characteristics that are provided a great-created MIDI controller for software musicians and engineers.

The Alesis V49 is a well-created and designed MIDI keyboard controller with 49 complete-size keys, and various pads, buttons, knobs and controls that can be programmed to manage diverse MIDI-capable devices, for example, virtual instruments and effect plugins.

The Basics

The Alesis V49 is a great MIDI controller thanks to professional, sleek design and not all. While function is the most important aspect for producers when it comes to MIDI controllers, it is nice to have a piece of equipment that is not only quality but aesthetically pleasing.

Alesis V49 is compact, features a matte black chassis, full-sized keys backlit with cool blue LEDs, and a slim design that allows it to fit beautifully into any sized music studio.

Alesis V49 offers 49 piano-style keys together with 8 backlit keys for finger drum or launching clips, all of which are velocity-sensitive. The illuminated keys provide instant feedback and visibility. Compared to other MIDI controllers, the keys on the Alesis V49 are larger, easier and more enjoyable to play.

Alesis V49

The keyboard is equipped with octave up and down buttons, four programmable knobs and six buttons, all of which allow the producer to have full keyboard range, manipulate controls, change the volume and tempo, create effects, adjust parameters and open and close filters. There are also two jog wheels to control pitch and modulation.

In addition to these features, the Alesis V49 has the optional capability to sustain pedal input. The USB Midi input is compatible with both MAC and PC.

Trying out Alesis V49


  • Producers love the Alesis V49 thanks to its production software included with purchase: Ableton Live Lite9 and Xpand! 2 by AIR Music Tech. With these powerful programs available, software musicians can use the Alesis V49 to begin recording, remixing, improvising and editing, while having access to a large collection of virtual instrument sounds.
  • Users of Alesis V49 can use different useful features as well as knobs and buttons that can be programmed to control different commands. The sensitivity and velocity of the keys and pads can be adjusted to fit the producer’s playing style. Using the Alesis V49 editor software, the producer can easily edit and manipulate the different MIDI messages sent to the computer from each control.
  • The Alesis V49 is long-term, designed to view professionals and has various dramatic characteristics, but the most significant facet is the high quality of performance. Alesis V49 is easy to use, offers superior sound quality and hands-on ability to smoothly control a range of devices.


  • Less space for extra controls. While the Alesis V49 has an efficient amount of knobs, pads, and buttons, some software musicians may prefer to have more controls and smaller keys.
  • Sometimes it can be hard to get away double-pressing the drum pads with a one-finger tap, which can make it baffling to taking advantage of the controller for quick drumming. However, the double finger tap does not double trigger the pads.
  • Users need some time to adjust the velocity controls according to their needs. Moreover, some keys are stiff.


The Alesis V49 is an important element for MIDI controls. It has a professional, sleek and compact design along with a multitude of adjustable controls and programmable features. The included editing, recording and instrumental software make any production project a breeze. While there may be a few features this MIDI controller lacks, at only $129 this MIDI controller is a great choice for any music producer. Also, check out our other best MIDI keyboard controllers

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